In the Bible, we read amazing stories of God meeting with Moses, God’s voice coming down from heaven to praise His Son, God speaking to the prophets to guide His people….. on and on. It is so easy to think of those occurrences as a thing of the past. God […]

4 Ways He Speaks

She walked up as I was putting groceries in the car. My immediate not-so-charitable thought was, “I guess she wants money.” Then she asked if she could help me. I said, “no, thank you. I can get it.” She chatted a little, about nothing in particular. I loaded my groceries […]

What Would You Do?

Hello friends! I am embarking on a new journey, which you’ve joined if you’re reading this. God seems to have decided that Homestyle Faith should grow into something more. I can’t even begin to describe how far away this is from my comfort zone. It has been a struggle from […]

Perfection…. or not?